Hunting, Fishing, and Recreational Law:


Nathan L Andersohn, Esq. has been heavily involved in hunting, fishing, and archery his entire life. He has bowhunted on four continents, and is active in several national hunting organizations. Mr Andersohn currently represents several national 501(c)(3) non profit hunting organizations, outfitters, dude ranches, guides, hunting clothing manufacturers and retailers, taxidermists, equipment manufacturers and retailers, and bow makers. Businesses in the hunting and fishing industry have very specific issues that only a lawyer with a personal knowledge of the outdoor world can address.

In some matters, businesses selling or manufacturing outdoor products and services are the same as all businesses, they need an experienced business attorney for setting up business entities, employment issues, leases, contracts, litigation, and buying and selling assets.

In addition to representing businesses in the hunting world, Mr Andersohn also advises clients who are acquiring farms, ranches, and mountain land for recreational purposes.

The following are practice areas encountered by Andersohn Law Office’s clients:

A. Hunting Clubs.Nathan L. Andersohn, Esq
• Choice of entity for ownership by multiple parties is very important.
• Provisions need to be made for death of members, first rights of refusal, and restrictions on lifetime transfers of ownership interests.
• Management of hunting, insurance, taxes, capital contributions, loans, and farming need to be addressed in the organizational documents.

B. Jointly Owned Properties.

• Several generations of family members or six college friends may want to share the benefits and responsibilities of owning a ranch, fishing cabin, or ski condo. There are several ownership options depending on the needs of the group.
• Often times, it is best to own real estate in a limited liability company.
• However, it may be advisable for the parties to enter into a co-ownership agreement. The agreement may be very extensive, covering most of the issues set forth above under Hunting Clubs. Co-ownership agreements streamline a lot of ownership and income tax issues. Co-ownership agreements can work extremely well for ski condos and mountain cabins.

C. Ownership Issues.
• Owners must consider how the property will affect their estate planning and review potential liability issues.
• As with any rural property, legal advice may be needed on oil & gas leases, wind rights, gravel & mineral rights, pipeline easements, farming, grazing, and hunting leases.

D. Real Estate Disputes.
• Ownership of real estate can lead to title disputes, including quiet title actions, prescriptive easements, adverse possession, eminent domain by the government, and boundary disputes. All of these areas of law are handled by Andersohn Law Office.