Civil Litigation:

Construction Claims

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Nathan L. Andersohn, Esq. has extensive experience in litigation related to mechanic’s lien foreclosure suits, trust fund claims, and public works claims on state jobs.


The Andersohn Law Office, PC welcomes inquiries from anyone in the construction industry, particularly construction materials suppliers, for litigation claims to pursue overdue invoices and breach of contract claims.


Attached is a copy of a construction case where Nathan L. Andersohn, Esq. successfully represented his client in front of the Colorado Supreme Court, reestablishing the general principal that the supplier of a supplier on a public works job does not have a right to a claim under Colorado law.

Western Metal Lath v. ABC Supply Co., Inc., et al., 851 P.2d 875 (Colo. 1993).

Contract Disputes


The majority of contract litigation involves the interpretation of oral and written agreements. As would be expected, oral agreements are extremely difficult to interpret and enforce.

A well drafted invoice, credit agreement, employment agreement, buy-sell agreement, etc. will usually contain language related to venue for disputes, interest on funds owed, mediation clauses and attorneys fee provisions. It is obvious that the first step any individual or entity should take is to have properly drafted documents that anticipate disputes. Chances are that a “standard document” will have many issues if litigation occurs.

The Andersohn Law Office has handled litigation related to commercial claims and individuals who have needed to enforce a contract.

Starting a lawsuit is a very serious matter and few clients understand the cost to pursue a case to trial.

Before litigation can be considered, an attorney must review the contract and all supporting documents. A client must be counseled on the legal time, expert fees, discovery and hurdles to be crossed in order to be successful with a case. All clients will be asked to sign a fee agreement and to pay a retainer before a case will be accepted.